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 城下町エリアに位置しながら、津和野川と山々を静かに眺めることができるこの場所で、地域の食の生産者とのつながりをつくり、いろんな人と食卓を囲みながらおしゃべりできる会所をつくりたい、 そんな思いでカフェをひらきました。夏は津和野川に向けて大きくガラス扉をひらいて、カフェ全体がテラスになるように。冬には薪ストーブで暖かい料理を囲み、静かに語り合える場に。ここは仲間たちで楽しく過ごすことも、一人で仕事したり、ワークショップ、トークセッション、映画上映やコンサートもできるここを訪れる全ての人にひらかれた場所です。どうぞ気楽にお立ち寄り下さい。

Located in the castle town area with a quiet view of the Tsuwano River and the mountains, the café was opened with the dream of generating a connection with local food producers and a meeting place where various people can gather around the dining table and chat. In summer, the wide glass slide doors facing the Tsuwano River are opened so that the entire cafe can be used as a terrace. In winter, it will be a place where people can gather around a wood-burning stove for warm food and quiet conversation. This is a place open to all visitors, where you can enjoy spending time with friends, working alone, holding workshops, talk sessions, film screenings, and live concerts. Please feel free to stop by.


 cafe TMCは、地域の米、野菜、お茶などを育てる農家や醸造所など、食の生産者との協働で皆様にお食事を提供します。お昼はランチ、午後から夕方には、コーヒーやお茶、クラフトジンジャエール、スイーツなどをお楽しみ下さい。

cafe TMC provides various foods and beverage to the guests in collaboration with food producers such as local farmers and breweries that grow rice, vegetables, tea, beer, wine, etc. Enjoy lunch and tea time with meals, sweets, coffee, tea, craft ginger ale, etc.



営業時間 AM11:00 - PM6:00 




PM4:00 - PM6:00 (L.O. 5:30)にカクテルサービスも行っていますので、是非ご利用ください。

Open Hour AM11:00 - PM6:00

We are typically open every day, but occasionally, we may have temporary closures due to unforeseen circumstances or scheduled closures a few times a year. For more details, please refer to the News page on our website.

For guests staying at our facility:

You are welcome to use cafe TMC as a lounge area.

We also offer cocktail service from PM4:00 - PM6:00 (last order at PM5:30), so please feel free to enjoy it.


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cafe & hostel TMC

699-6505 島根県鹿足郡津和野町後田ロ60-23

Tel: 0856-73-7400

email: info(at)


一級建築士事務所 島根県知事登録第(1)10772号

699-6505 島根県鹿足郡津和野町後田60-8

email: info(at)


699-6505 島根県鹿足郡津和野町後田ロ60-18

メールは(at) を@ に変更してお送りください。

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